I Hate Being Sick

I'm sure generally people have this opinion about being sick. It's a double-edged sword because there are tons of things I'd like to get down outside of my job that need to get done. So today, I am home so as to not spread my germs around and all I want to do is get things done around the house. Yet, I can't! I'm definitely not 100% as I feel I get winded easily. I also can't stop blowing my nose or sneezing. The achiness I was feeling yesterday morning has subsided greatly. Yet, I'm home. I should be taking care of all this stuff like laundry and things I didn't get to do over the weekend because I was too sick to. We have a houseguest coming this weekend too so you know the place has to be clean before that. She comes on Friday. Doesn't really leave a whole lot of time. I think I may have to tear Ryan away from his nightly video games to clean the bathroom. I hate being sick.


Feel better sweetie!

7:14 PM  

Hope you feel better kiddo!!!

8:13 PM  

eeewwww that sounds like the flu! Lots of sleep and fluids!

Feel better!

4:07 AM  

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