Ryan and I went down to Va Beach this weekend to participate in our first ever metric century (100 km, approx. 62 miles) and to spend Mother's Day with my family.  We left DC around 3 PM only to have it take us about 4.5 hours to get home. If there is no traffic that drive usually only takes 3 hours.  We had dinner with my sister, her boyfriend, and Miss Carmie at Panera Bread to carb-load for our ride the next morning.

Saturday morning, Ryan and I were up at 6 am to get to the ride start by 7:30 am.  It was cloudy just as was predicted but it was surprisingly pleasant temperature ride.  Ryan and I are horrible when it comes to remembering things early in the morning.  I kept having to run back inside the house because I forgot things and we had to turn around about half-way to the ride start because I realized I hadn't forgotten my GPS and Ryan really wanted to have it on the ride.  So back we went.  We did get to the ride start at 7:30 and hit the road by around 7:45 am.  The first ferry (37 miles from us) was going to be leaving the dock at 10 am.  The ride was incredibly flat, the scenery was nice (buttercup-filled fields with horses grazing), and there were hardly any cars on the road.  We didn't make the 10 am ferry but made the 11:30 ferry that would take us to our next leg of the journey which was around 21 miles or so.  Because I didn't turn my GPS timer back on when we got off the ferry (even though I thought I did) there is some discrepancy as to how many miles and what our time was.  According to Ryan's bike computer, we rode 61 miles in 4 hours and 15 minutes of ride time.  I feel like the ride time was actually longer than that.  My Garmin calculates about 64 miles with 5 hours of ride time but I don't feel I can trust that since it wasn't on the whole time.  Either way, we ended the ride with a post-ride spaghetti meal thrown by the Tidewater Bicycle Association and a great sense of accomplishment. 

Some pics from the ride:

The rest are here.

Sunday after mass, we came home for a brief switch-out time (in which my sister and my mom opened their Mother's Day gifts) before hitting our 2:30 PM brunch reservation at The Lucky Star Restaurant.  The food at Lucky Star was really good but we believe they may have been a bit overwhelmed as there seemed to be a lot of waiting going on.  Our waitress, Erin, did however comp us a round of alcoholic drinks for being so patient with her.  It was a 4-course meal and dessert for $35.  My mimosas were only $4 a piece!  Ryan and I laughed because we're so use to DC prices where the meal would have probably cost $50 a person.  Poor Carmie was a bit cranky as she was tired.  Carmie is growing up so quickly.  She is 2 going on 13, we swear.  The amount of sass in such a little girl should really be illegal.  She used the potty several times on our visit but mostly for #1.  She is absolutely a ton of fun!  We took the following pics before heading to mass:

I so heart my family!  We decided that Aja would be coming home with us this trip since she seems to have gotten fatter since 'vacationing' with my dad.  That evening the three of us hit the road around 5:30 pm when a NASTY storm blew in and escorted us the whole way up to DC.  It took us a whopping 6 hours to get home!  That's like driving there and back when there is no traffic.  We decided to take a personal day yesterday so that we could catch up and rest since we didn't get in until 11:30 on Sunday.  The long drives aside it really was an awesome weekend!

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Ryan and I live in an older townhouse in a complex that is a mix of townhouses and apartments. These townhouses are more like multi-level condos more than anything. We've been living here a little over two years now and one of the townhouses next to us has been blissfully empty and quiet in the past few months. This after an interesting year of living next to people that kept odd hours and whom I could hear snoring through the wall in our bedroom. It turns out that that place was rented out to a school or a company and that's why every few months there are random people there. It was the oddest thing and really quite annoying as sometimes they would come home at like 12:30 AM and not fall asleep until it was time for us to get ready and go to work.

So for months after it was vacated it was empty and Ryan and I were enjoying the blissful silence. Since they moved in on Friday night there has been never-ending thumping. Granted, there is a small child that lives there now and a baby we woke up to at 6 am, and they DID just move in but the constant thumping is really annoying. I'm hoping all of this annoys Ryan to want to buy our own place now. I'm sure the guys downstairs are loving the noise from the family next door too. Right now we're listening to the little kid throw a temper tantrum and stomp his feet. Can we buy a house now or at the very least move? Oh by the way, we said we'd be renewing our lease for a year earlier in the week. Lovely . . I tell you.

Future self,

One day you will have kids and one day those kids will grow up and become adults and marry people you hope make them happy. Please refrain from making references to sex with their father especially in a current tense even if they are old enough to know you probably do still have sex. Don't do what your mom just did to you.

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