I know I'm incredibly late in posting this but what do you expect when the holidays interrupt? ;) After almost a year of looking Ryan and I finally put in an offer on a house earlier in December. Everything miraculously fell into place including low interest rates. We managed to lock in a phenomenal rate. The house is 4.5 miles via back roads from our current location and is 2 exits South on the Beltway. We managed to stay within the Beltway!

Here is the link to pics:

ETA: (Thanks Lori!) We close at the end of the month on January 30th.  We have overlap with our lease so we do have some flexibility but look to move in that last weekend in January.  And no, we haven't started packing yet.
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The T-Rex was fun and took me no time at all to complete.  I'm still working on my sewing technique but I'm fairly confident that the toy won't fall apart.  I had to do it on smaller needles so it may have ended up smaller than intended.  The next one I plan on doing on the right size needles so we'll see how much bigger it ends up being.  :)

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My Dad Cracks Me Up

From my sister . . .

"btw...have you called the house lately?! LOL i think tay accidentally recorded over the answering machine message and all it is, is this creepy sigh...and then breathing...and then you finally hear Tatay talking to himself in the background...hahaha...my guess is he was trying to check the messages and hit another button and then got frustrated...you should call...its pretty hilarious...hahaha..."

This is very much the epitome of my dad.  This is the same man who calls me randomly now that my mom gave him a cell phone to tell me a.) that he misses my dog or b.) when he is with my dog, that they are at the pier fishing together.  LOL

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So I recently signed up for StumbleUpon to help me fill some of the empty minutes I have while online.  Today I have some of those empty minutes so I'm telling it to Stumble! for me and just find me some random website based on my interests.  Being a woman, of course I have "women's interests" as a selection.  So it brings me to this:

I'm thinking this has to be some sort of joke but it isn't, at least I don't think.  I'm sure we've all, ladies, fantasized at not having to squat to pee when without a toilet but seriously?!

By the way, if you join StumbleUpon or are already on there, friend me!

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Carmen, my niece, in all her princess phase is also a big fan of dinosaurs, namely the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Lion Brand Yarn sent me their newsletter with the CUTEST knit dinosaurs.  They look pretty easy and short enough that I won't get bored with them.  I should label myself a "short-attention span knitter." I ordered the yarn for the Tyrannosaurus (which in my opinion is the ugliest one) and the Brachiosaurus which I think is so cute.  I figured they were good to start with.  I'm aiming to give them as Christmas gifts to Carmen and I'll probably make one for our nephew, Benjamin as well.  I can't get over how cute they are!

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So the reunion was last weekend and it was a high-falutin' success if I must say so myself.  Really, it turned out way better than we could have expected.  We got about 120 or so people from a graduating class of just under 500.  The committee consisted of me and 4 other people: my two best friends and our class treasurer and class secretary.  The five of us committed our monies early on to help us get started.  The week of the reunion we were worried that we were going to have to put yet more money in.  Thankfully, it didn't come to that.  In fact, we were even able to give ourselves back money that night, not all of what we originally put in mind you, but a good chunk. 

I was really incredibly floored by how much gratitude our classmates showed us that night and the following days.  I guess it helped that the reunion didn't suck.  ;)  To help ourselves, we decided last-minute to do a cash raffle where the winner gets 25% of the pot.  So for $5 you could get two chances to win.  Many people, more than I was expecting, were more than willing to put money in knowing.  To quote one of our classmates, "I love you guys, of course I'll help you out.  Give me $20 worth."  At the end of the night the winner's take was $80.  The winner, bless his heart, gave us half of the money back.  I mean seriously . . wow.

So we cleared the Sandler Center that evening at 11PM and spilled out into the nearby bars, the majority of us ending up at the Red Star Tavern.  At 2 AM, a good number of us were basically closing down the bar.  I went home after that but many of our classmates went to the nearby IHOP-like diner.  I know there were a few that went to the oceanfront even after that and watched the sunrise.  I know I had a total blast even if I did have to work a good amount that night but everyone really seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Check out the pics for proof!

I daresay that I may even want to do the next reunion.  Please don't quote me on that but for now see you in 10 years Tallwood High School class of 1998!  ;)

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My friend who got me and Ryan the Steelers vs. 'Skins tickets was one of my best friends in high school.  We lost touch over the past 10 years but reconnected when he moved to the area.  Now the seats that he got us are great seats and I think that's awesome but I didn't ASK for nice seats.   It just so happens that his connection was just able to get us great seats.  Since he's gotten them for us he's been saying things like, "I know, I'm the man.  You should buy my two reunion tickets for me as compensation" in addition to paying him back for the tickets.  Or "Do you know how much I can get these tickets for on eBay?!?!"  It's not like I wanted to plan the reunion.  I hate planning things.  I'm doing this for my classmates, not for myself.  I'm doing this for my friends.  I've spent a lot of my own time and money trying to get this thing off the ground.  He claims he's just joking but you can only say that so many times before it's obvious you are not joking.  It isn't like he had to do much but work his connection.  Again, I didn't ask for NICE seats I just asked for any seats whatsoever. If the tickets weren't for me and Ryan, I'd be tempted to let him do what he wanted what the tickets but right now he's really, really pissing me off.

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