My friend who got me and Ryan the Steelers vs. 'Skins tickets was one of my best friends in high school.  We lost touch over the past 10 years but reconnected when he moved to the area.  Now the seats that he got us are great seats and I think that's awesome but I didn't ASK for nice seats.   It just so happens that his connection was just able to get us great seats.  Since he's gotten them for us he's been saying things like, "I know, I'm the man.  You should buy my two reunion tickets for me as compensation" in addition to paying him back for the tickets.  Or "Do you know how much I can get these tickets for on eBay?!?!"  It's not like I wanted to plan the reunion.  I hate planning things.  I'm doing this for my classmates, not for myself.  I'm doing this for my friends.  I've spent a lot of my own time and money trying to get this thing off the ground.  He claims he's just joking but you can only say that so many times before it's obvious you are not joking.  It isn't like he had to do much but work his connection.  Again, I didn't ask for NICE seats I just asked for any seats whatsoever. If the tickets weren't for me and Ryan, I'd be tempted to let him do what he wanted what the tickets but right now he's really, really pissing me off.

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Wow, yeah, that's pretty tacky. Joking or not, well, it sounds like he's hinting around that he wants SOME kind of thank you for getting you such great seats. And I'm sure you've told him how grateful you are and how much you appreciate it, but for some people, that's just not enough. (My sister is like that sometimes and it's really rude)

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