On NKOTB . . .

"Hahaha...sweet! Have you heard their new song? I saw the video the other day on MTV and it makes me feel weird. Like you shouldn't see men that old in matching outfits doing synchronized dances...its just wrong."
By the way, we were diehard NKOTB fans growing up. This is her reaction after I told her I bought their Greatest Hits album. . . which I am now listening to.
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I've never seen this video..although I am going to their concert in October. I'm curious to see if they look a tad weird doing those dance moves :)

What songs are on their greatest hits CD?

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Haa haa, I just bought tickets to see them in October too! I'm taking my sister no less.

The best stuff is in the beginning in my opinion:
1. Step By Step
2. You Got It (The Right Stuff)
3. I'll Be Loving You (Forever)
4. Cover Girl
5. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind)
6. Please Don't Go Girl (7in. Version)
7. Tonight
8. This One's For The Children
9. Valentine Girl
10. Let's Try It Again
11. Hangin' Tough
12. If You Go Away
13. Baby, I Believe In You
14. Call It What You Want (The C&C Pump-It Mix)

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