The T-Rex was fun and took me no time at all to complete.  I'm still working on my sewing technique but I'm fairly confident that the toy won't fall apart.  I had to do it on smaller needles so it may have ended up smaller than intended.  The next one I plan on doing on the right size needles so we'll see how much bigger it ends up being.  :)

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My Dad Cracks Me Up

From my sister . . .

"btw...have you called the house lately?! LOL i think tay accidentally recorded over the answering machine message and all it is, is this creepy sigh...and then breathing...and then you finally hear Tatay talking to himself in the guess is he was trying to check the messages and hit another button and then got should call...its pretty hilarious...hahaha..."

This is very much the epitome of my dad.  This is the same man who calls me randomly now that my mom gave him a cell phone to tell me a.) that he misses my dog or b.) when he is with my dog, that they are at the pier fishing together.  LOL

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