We've been having some crazy weather here lately. Today, for example, there was downpours in the middle of sunshine. The following are the results of such weather:

"Everyone commutes in the Smith household, whether it's to school or work. Wanda Smith rides with their son William, 7, to Highlands Grove Elementary, and she began commuting to her job at FITniche at Lakeside Village in early May.The bike riding served as a way to expend some of William's energy before the school day started. He previously attended private school and was accused of having attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.After lots of money and testing, only to find that William was "all boy," Wanda Smith said she began walking, running and riding bikes to school with him to help burn some early-morning energy. Now he's a straight-A student who doesn't get in trouble."
Bike Commute Tips Blog: Florida: Bicycles more popular

Growing up, my siblings and friends and I were CONSTANTLY outside playing.  Whether it was rousing games of team tag once the sun had gone down or just playing baseball in the backyard, we were almost always outside.  I remember when I was away at college my younger sister who was still in high school yet not old enough to have her license was lamenting how she couldn't get around anywhere.  It got me to thinking about what we use to do around that time.  Then it hit me that we walked or biked everywhere.  We would ride our bikes to friends' neighborhoods miles away. I feel that somewhere in the time between I grew up and my sister followed suit, the NON-emphasis on walking and riding a bike seemed to emerge, if you will.  I will even go so far as to say "playing outside" was de-emphasized and I didn't really notice it because I was just getting older. We grew up with video game consoles too but they were things you played when you couldn't go outside like when it rained.  I fully believe that if you give a kid an outlet for all his energy you'll find yourself with one happy maybe even balanced kid.  I'm glad that Wanda Smith figured this out as well.  Don't medicate your kid, get him outdoors instead!
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