I am really digging that my old clothes fit me way better. I don't think I am QUITE to where I was when I bought these clothes in the first place but I am totally digging that I can wear these things and comfortably. Maybe it's my shorter hair but I also am surprised at the thinner me in the mirror whenever I see myself. AND it's still so early in the cycling season which means I'll only become more fit from here! W00t!

ETA: Oh, and I'd forgotten what a good movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" was.

So, I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff via Craiglist. I've had a lot of people contact me about my stuff and so far only one of them so far has resulted in someone actually meeting me and exchanging money for said item. I have several e-mails since Sunday. I'm always very prompt and courteous when responding to people. So why do these people just leave me hanging? I had to e-mail one guy again today after he e-mailed me earlier today asking if he still wanted to meet to see the bike. Only after the 2nd e-mail, did he respond back saying that he was sorry and didn't realized that the bike was a woman's bike. I have a feeling a lot of the other guys who e-mailed me probably had the same reaction and just dropped me like a hot potato. Let's not even get me started on the couple that had me waiting 30 minutes outside the nearby mall after exchanging several e-mails and never showed and never e-mailed me back. . nothing. Have we really become this discourteous? Sheesh!

Friday - My award from work was a $100 AmEx gift cheque. Not too bad! I asked Ryan what I should do with it because part of me thinks I should just save it but he said I should buy myself something. Who doesn't like to hear that? Now, what to buy, what to buy?

Saturday - Rekindled my romance with photography today at my first Washington Photo Safari of the year and got to catch up with my friend, Julia, who joined me.

Sunday - Ryan and I went for a at-times hilly 25-mile bike ride from our house to the outskirts of DC, through Arlington, and back home. It was a great, exhausting ride and I'm glad that we were able to share it together.

My neighborhood is having a community yard sale this Saturday which is the perfect opportunity to purge. I probably won't be selling clothes per se since they don't typically sell well at yard sales anywhere but there are plenty of other things to get rid of. I wish they had given us more than a week's notice though. Going to be a busy week!

Today, I came to my office to find a voicemail waiting on my phone. I don't typically have very interesting voicemails but I am always curious so I dialed in. It turns out I had won a REALLY nice Saris Bones bike rack for transporting your bike on your car at a cycling event I went to yesterday. And the kicker is that it's pink! She's totally going to rock on the ol' Sentra. Ryan has already said he's not driving the car with that thing on it. He can drive the Camry with the hitch rack and I can drive the Sentra with the pink rack. I think it works out well! ;) I am still waiting to actually speak to someone about how to get this thing.

From Saris' website:
My other good news of the day was that I was nominated for an award at work. Several times a year, my team at work holds an awards ceremony which isn't as bad as you think because it's a fairly intimate gathering and only a few minutes are spent actually presenting the awards. Also, because we have it at Morton's Steakhouse and all food and drink are on the company. :D I'll let you know what I end up getting.

I Hate You, IRS

I started doing our taxes back in February (on Ryan's birthday, in fact) and stopped once I saw how much we were getting back (NADA) and how much we were going to have to pay (MUCHO). Note to self: don't do taxes on spouse's birthday ESPECIALLY if you have to pay. So I completed them today after we had transferred some money from our savings. I told Ryan that we either had to buy a house or have a baby to prevent this from happening next year. If you hadn't noticed, we're opting for the former.

On that note, we ARE still buying this year but I heard Ryan saying that we were "out of the market." What he means is that we're not buying in the next couple of months. Our lease ends at the end of May and we're thinking to renew it for 6 months with the intention of breaking it if need be. We're looking at buying at the end of the summer thereabouts. It is hard to be patient but that is what I'm trying to do. In the meantime, I dream of my future house and bikes.

I really should start purging our 'house' of crap. We have craploads of crap from clothes to shoes to bags to electronics and monitors and you name it. The theme of Spring will be purge, purge, purge!

Positive note for today: Ryan and I took a great 'leisurely' bike ride for a couple of hours today that was great and a lot of fun. He is in great shape and looks great in his spandex and cycling jersey! ;)

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