Today, I came to my office to find a voicemail waiting on my phone. I don't typically have very interesting voicemails but I am always curious so I dialed in. It turns out I had won a REALLY nice Saris Bones bike rack for transporting your bike on your car at a cycling event I went to yesterday. And the kicker is that it's pink! She's totally going to rock on the ol' Sentra. Ryan has already said he's not driving the car with that thing on it. He can drive the Camry with the hitch rack and I can drive the Sentra with the pink rack. I think it works out well! ;) I am still waiting to actually speak to someone about how to get this thing.

From Saris' website:
My other good news of the day was that I was nominated for an award at work. Several times a year, my team at work holds an awards ceremony which isn't as bad as you think because it's a fairly intimate gathering and only a few minutes are spent actually presenting the awards. Also, because we have it at Morton's Steakhouse and all food and drink are on the company. :D I'll let you know what I end up getting.


wow that freaking rocks!!! Can't wait to see the pink rack! Good luck with your award. I hope you win!! :)

11:43 PM  

That is awesome!!

9:48 AM  

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