I Hate You, IRS

I started doing our taxes back in February (on Ryan's birthday, in fact) and stopped once I saw how much we were getting back (NADA) and how much we were going to have to pay (MUCHO). Note to self: don't do taxes on spouse's birthday ESPECIALLY if you have to pay. So I completed them today after we had transferred some money from our savings. I told Ryan that we either had to buy a house or have a baby to prevent this from happening next year. If you hadn't noticed, we're opting for the former.

On that note, we ARE still buying this year but I heard Ryan saying that we were "out of the market." What he means is that we're not buying in the next couple of months. Our lease ends at the end of May and we're thinking to renew it for 6 months with the intention of breaking it if need be. We're looking at buying at the end of the summer thereabouts. It is hard to be patient but that is what I'm trying to do. In the meantime, I dream of my future house and bikes.

I really should start purging our 'house' of crap. We have craploads of crap from clothes to shoes to bags to electronics and monitors and you name it. The theme of Spring will be purge, purge, purge!

Positive note for today: Ryan and I took a great 'leisurely' bike ride for a couple of hours today that was great and a lot of fun. He is in great shape and looks great in his spandex and cycling jersey! ;)


Oh, that stinks. Well, maybe you guys can casually still look around at some houses. You never know what deal might pop up!

10:29 PM  

I hear ya on the taxes...I owe a lot but thanks to the big downpayment I need, well, the IRS will have to wait!

9:47 AM  

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