Friday - My award from work was a $100 AmEx gift cheque. Not too bad! I asked Ryan what I should do with it because part of me thinks I should just save it but he said I should buy myself something. Who doesn't like to hear that? Now, what to buy, what to buy?

Saturday - Rekindled my romance with photography today at my first Washington Photo Safari of the year and got to catch up with my friend, Julia, who joined me.

Sunday - Ryan and I went for a at-times hilly 25-mile bike ride from our house to the outskirts of DC, through Arlington, and back home. It was a great, exhausting ride and I'm glad that we were able to share it together.

My neighborhood is having a community yard sale this Saturday which is the perfect opportunity to purge. I probably won't be selling clothes per se since they don't typically sell well at yard sales anywhere but there are plenty of other things to get rid of. I wish they had given us more than a week's notice though. Going to be a busy week!


That pictures is beautiful! And I agree - spend that giftcard on something for you!!!

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