I know I'm incredibly late in posting this but what do you expect when the holidays interrupt? ;) After almost a year of looking Ryan and I finally put in an offer on a house earlier in December. Everything miraculously fell into place including low interest rates. We managed to lock in a phenomenal rate. The house is 4.5 miles via back roads from our current location and is 2 exits South on the Beltway. We managed to stay within the Beltway!

Here is the link to pics:

ETA: (Thanks Lori!) We close at the end of the month on January 30th.  We have overlap with our lease so we do have some flexibility but look to move in that last weekend in January.  And no, we haven't started packing yet.
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AWESOME! The house is gorgeous. I love the wood ceiling in the one room. When do you move in? Or have you already?

11:36 AM  

Oh duh, I did forget that detail, didn't I? I'm the worst blogger ever. Let me update the post.

11:39 AM  

It is beautiful! I am super jealous of your kitchen! And there is so much charm and character in the front, it's just beautiful. Congratulations!

2:37 PM  

I told you this already but it's GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to come to your house party!! CONGRATS!

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10:17 PM  

OMG - It's beautiful!!!! I love it! Congrats to you and Ryan!

11:42 AM  

Super late but congrats ! So happy for you! I love the house !

2:50 PM  

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