I think I was reading up on Picasa's API the other day and stumbled upon a couple of websites that I thought were just too awesome not to share.

Picnik.com is an online photo-editing website. You don't have to download anything to your computer. You can upload pictures from your computer or other websites. It has fairly basic but pretty powerful tools that will allow you to edit your pictures. You can even put texts and little clip art around them, frame them, and then save them back to your computer or have them saved directly to your favorite photo storage website like photobucket.com or smugmug.com.You can upgrade to Premium for a small yearly fee which gives you more advanced effects and tools. It is great for really quick edits like fixing red-eye on a picture you want to send out to someone really quick. Or say, you are on your work computer and aren't allowed to download anything to your machine but you need to edit a picture. Granting of course you can get to picnik.com you should be golden. Have fun!

Animoto.com - I haven't yet actually tried this one but it seems really, really cool. It claims to be the website that will put an end to the slideshow as you currently know it. As I understand it, you pick a song and a bunch of your photos and it will create a 'show' to the beat of your song using your photos. They've got some pretty cool demos on there and it seems intriguing. One day I'll test it once I actually have something I want to make into a show. Actually, I think finding the right music would be harder for me. Anyway, if you do check it out let me know what you end up with.


oohhh...I'm going to have to check those websites out. They sounds lke fun!!

6:11 PM  

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