What a Weekend!

Friday evening, Ryan and I made our way to Dupont Circle to pick up Lori and Kurt from their hotel so we could meet Char for dinner at Heritage in Georgetown. We took Lori and Kurt on the scenic route to the restaurant since we got lost several times on the way there and at one point were totally going in the wrong direction. But, alas, we got there and even gave Char time to hit up the nearby Whole Foods. Char had never had Indian food but was such a trooper with an open mind. She got the grilled chicken kabobs and you just can't go wrong that route. We probably sat down at the table at around 8 PM because we were late and didn't leave till almost 11 PM that night. I had NO idea that much time had passed. We girls just kept talking and talking. Kurt and Ryan were such great sports with our topics of conversations and I felt like I could have sat there longer just chatting the night away had the one busboy not kept giving us ugly looks towards the end. All in all, it was a fun night. Lori and Kurt were a great couple and all three of us couples (including the missing Carl, of course) had a lot in common I thought.

Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon getting highlights from my stylist. This is the first time I've had her do it. Some parts are definitely lighter than others but all in all I do like it. I don't think it's much of a drastic change but I will look into getting a picture up. I also had to exchange my size 12 Sweetheart jeans from Old Navy (found on Zafu.com) for size 10s after realizing I could pull them down over my butt with them zipped and buttoned up.

Sunday was Ryan's birthday as well as Superbowl Sunday. It was a pretty low-key night. We grilled out since it was beautiful out not that bad weather has ever stopped us from grilling before. He blew candles out over a big piece of tiramisu I had bought him at Whole Foods and he opened his presents from me. He got a lot less for his birthday this year from me since he had such a great Christmas. I couldn't think of a whole lot of gifts for him.

Then we watched the best Superbowl ever! For years, I have been having high hopes for Eli only to be disappointed year after year. I, like many Americans out there, never dreamed they would make it as far as they did and then at that I didn't really have high hopes they'd beat the Patriots. As a Steelers fan you automatically hate the Patriots. I try to keep an open mind about them but the Patriots' personality just rubs me the wrong way. Brady is a good QB, a great QB in fact as much as I hate to admit it but the Patriots were beatable and won a lot of games within a hair's breadth. The Giants knew what to do by bringing pressure and by keeping Brady off the field that first drive for as long as they did. They did everything right. I was a ball of nerves those last few minutes of the game even worse than when the Steelers won the Superbowl a couple of years ago. I just wanted them to win so bad! I never wanted anyone to win a Superbowl against a team so badly but it was just the best story ever. Patriots 18-0 with a near-perfect season going against a long-shot team that almost beat them in the regular season. If Eli lead his team to victory, the Patriots would not get the perfect season the wanted, the '72 Dolphins would remain the only team to have a perfect season, and the Patriots would be knocked off their high horse. True David and Goliath story. And it happened! Sweet Geezus, it happened! And it was wonderful!

I also picked a true knitting project since last year. Details can be found on my knitting blog.


This is such a great pic of you guys! Sounds like you had lots of fun.

7:50 PM  

How weight have you been losing gorgeous girl?!?!?!

1:57 PM  

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Sounds like a great weekend. Get ready to celebrate your own!

Ohh, nice job on the jean size!

12:46 PM  

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