Nintendo DS

I got a Nintendo DS! Used from EB Games at $109.99 plus tax. It's a metallic teal color, which I haven't seen anywhere else. Everything about it is great, except there's a dead pixel in the corner. Still debating whether or not to exchange it for another used one because of the dead pixel. Sometimes it bothers me and other times it doesn't. At first it bothered Ryan and now he doesn't mind. I can definitely live with it. I'm such a girl that the metallic teal color is really what prevents me from just going and exchanging it for another one. If it was the boring gray colored one then I would've traded it in the next day. I also bought Animal Crossing: Wild World and Metroid Pinball for Ryan, of course. The great thing is that you can play your GameBoy Advance games on it too! I guess it's a good thing we have Super Mario and Warioland 4 hiding in the closet. Now if I could just get my DS online like I'm suppose to be able to . . .


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