Leah, My NerdGirl Twin

angel: this ban on chat clients and certain website really ticks me off

Leah: ooh websites tooo?!

angel: we actually support some of these programs in our apps and i can't research anything on them while inside the firewall
yeah, can't get to aol.com

Leah: doh

angel: plaxo.com
maybe i'll just do it from home then
so annoying
and then internal msn messenger hardly works consistently

Leah: yeah our connection is flaky too
our firewalls block every port too! thats annoying.

angel: ergh. . i miss the freedom

Leah: i cant see our home computer or remote into it
i kno..

angel: i know . . me neither

Leah: we should become internet era hippies

angel: LOL
haa haa
shaaaaare man shaaaaare

Leah: let the packets flooow

angel: LOL



I ended up getting a Konica Minolta Dimage Z6. The reviews are ok, but I am REALLY pleased with the camera! I posted a link to a photo album on one of my posts in my blog. Do you know of any better (free) photo albums? People can't copy pictures from the album onto their computer. I guess I could always go back to Yahoo but the quality is pretty grainy.
Hope your New Years and Christmas was good!

6:34 PM  

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