I don't get people sometimes. This is something that has been bothering me lately and I seem to encounter it at work a lot. I've been noticing that people will come to me asking questions to answers they could easily find out themselves. For example, "Did I send you that email ...?" Don't you know if you sent me an email? There is such a thing as an Outbox or a Sent Messages folder in your email client. I know it because it's the same one I use. Now my reasonings behind this phenomena are this: a.) It's just easier to ask me rather than do the grudge work yourself or b.) People seem to think I know everything and it's like automatic to come and ask me. And today someone asked me about something that they could EASILY find themselves if they would just go to the right place and find it. And it doesn't even involve getting up to go anywhere, they simply had to navigate to a shared drive and double-click to find out the answer. I attribute it to either ignorance or laziness and I'm really leaning towards the latter.


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