Orange Bowl Bust

Augh, we lost 21-24 to Kansas. We always have such trouble winning the big games and we don't do all that well in Bowl games. It's so disheartening. I don't get why we didn't run the ball more. "Give more to Ore" was my mantra all game and I don't get why we were throwing when the run was doing so well. At least it was a close game but the Hokies could have won .. always coulda', shoulda', woulda, right? Sighh . . . .


At least you weren't a Cowboys fan last week against the Redskins. Um, 1 yard of rushing all game?! Niiiiiice.

4:22 PM  

LOL and seeing as I'm in Washington I am to be happy that the 'Skins beat the Cowboys. Trust me, I have been on both sides of the ball. Don't you just love football? As if we didn't have enough to get worked up about. -P

5:05 PM  

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